Natural stones


F.lli Cavallo s.n.c.Is a company specialized in the realization of floorings and coverings using natural stones in Syracuse. Our firm daily bases on the techniques and skills of the great traditional Italian and Sicilian handicrafts, using avantgarde equipment to ensure professional and well-maintained work. The success of any project, however, arises from the careful and accurate choice of the raw materials with which one chooses to work.

Our company uses only the best natural stones in Syracuse, so as to always guarantee the highest quality. The choice of the best natural stones makes it possible to create stone floors and exterior aesthetically beautiful, cared for in detail, able to fit in harmony in every environment. Customer Satisfaction is the only goal that we set ourselves. We want those who choose to turn to us always satisfied with the final job, so we carefully select the raw materials we work on.

Among the stones used::

  • Ivory: This is a type of stone characterized by pearl grey coloring, it is compact and not porous. It looks tough, with uniform surface and nuances.
  • Hot stones: this is a natural basalt originating from Etna's volcanic activity. It is characterized by the very low absorption capacity of liquids, it is little subject to the test of time and survives for centuries in an almost original state. This material also has other unique features: lasting, unbreakable, resistant to thermal swings. The hot stone offers a great deal of possibilities for use: floorings, urban furnishings, accessories.
  • Barocchina stones: It is a sedimentary rock that was very popular after the earthquake struck South Eastern Sicily back in 1693. Easy machinability and good physical and mechanical qualities and attributes determine its most disparate use in time: from the construction of carriers such as masonry facades, arches, vaults, but also architectural elements such as capitals, balustrades, fountains.